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Excellent Saltasaurus Tooth from Argentina
Stock Number  DSTSA07

Name:    Saltasaurus robustus
Age:  Cretaceous
Formation:  Allen
Location:  Rio Negro, Argentina
Size:  Tooth is 0.95 inches long.
Price:  $299.00

Here is a tooth of Saltasaurus robustus from the Cretaceous of Argentina. Saltasaurus is a relatively small, armor-plated titanosaurid. Dinosaur remains from Argentina are very difficult to obtain. This is a nice tooth with a beautiful wear facet on the tip. The enamel is complete and in great condition. This is a very fine tooth of this unusual dinosaur from Argentina.

Note: Argentina has now banned the export of all fossils. We will strictly abide by and enforce this law - we will not acquire new fossils from Argentina. However, this fossil was collected and exported prior to this law, and can be sold legally.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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